Are you a beginner in Crossfit or thinking about starting it and looking for Crossfit Dubai gyms around you? Here are some of the things you should never do when you get into the sport or training program.

Don’t Be Intimidated

When you do any type of group sports or fitness program, it can be so easy to get intimidated and compare yourself to the people around you.  Your box (slang for CrossFit gym like Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark) should have a preparatory training course for you to know all the basic movements in Crossfit so that you do not feel so left as especially if you are a beginner working out with some experienced Crossfitters.


Do not do too much too soon

It’s easy to get excited when you finally start your Crossfit sessions. But if you are a beginner, remember that you should also just do what you can and do not over exert yourself because you might just end up so tired after the session. You might also just hate doing Crossfit because you feel it is too tiring. When doing Crossfit, just remember that you can push yourself into doing more but do not try to do the impossible.


Do not Cheat Yourself

Even if Crossfit is a group fitness session, you are still just competing against yourself. That means, if you are cheating your way into your exercises, not really executing the movements properly and don’t seem to care about it, then you are just really cheating yourself. You are not going to get the results you want because you are not taking the workout seriously. The same goes for the foods you are eating. Taking ups Crossfit also means you have to eat properly. No matter how hard to workout in Crossfit, it will not bring the results you want unless you start eating right. So don’t cheat yourself and start to really eat healthy and do your exercises properly.


Do Not Hurry

Crossfit is not a competition about speed. So when you are doing your Crossfit exercises, just remember that you have to focus on the execution–if you are doing the movements properly–rather than how fast you are able to finish each exercise. No one is hurrying you or pushing you to finish within 30 minutes. Do it on your own pace, but still challenge yourself by pushing for more repetition each time you do the exercise.


Do not come unprepared

With any type of fitness program or sport, you need to know what you are going to do if you want things to go well. With Crossfit, you also need to know your Work-Out-of-the-Day or WODs and that you can get from your box’s online WOD. They usually post this on their Facebook page or website and leave a link on their Twitter page as well so that each member can have easy access to it. Knowing our WOD would help you prepare mentally for the movements you are going to do that day thus giving you better results for your workout.